Activities in Benamejí

Benamejí City of Baseball offers visitors a wide range of exciting tourist activities in Benamejí, ensuring you´ll have a memorable stay. You will find excellent services thanks to the tireless efforts of professionals in the tourism sector. The city offers a wide range of activities in natural environments of great beauty, in particular the Rafting excursions are ideal to take part in as a teambuilding exercise, which will reinforce communication, coordination, empathy and morale of the group, as well as being a fantastic opportunity to kick back in a magical place entwined with unperturbed natural beauty. You can hike across many natural and cultural routes, as well as visit the “La Duquesa de Benamejí” Museum, where you will learn about the phenomenon of real and imaginary banditry and its influence on the Andalusian arts.

Additionally, one can enjoy the cultural, natural and culinary richness that the Centre of Andalusia offers you. Popular outings include a day trip to Zuheros, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Alternatively, you could visit the Green Oil Way, built on the old oil train track that meanders through the province. If this doesn´t interest you, perhaps the Natural park of “Sierras Subbeticas”, or the Geopark might strike your fancy. There are a plethora of water activities available in the Iznajar reservoir (considered the “Lake of Andalusia”), and there are no shortage of rustic cities of great historical interest, such as Priego de Cordoba, Lucena, Cabra, Rute and Antequera, where you can enjoy “El Torcal” and “Dólmenes”, recognized UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Given the excellent geographical situation of our town, Benameji has become the ideal place from which to get to know Andalucia, with a meagre 45 minute drive to the Mosque in Cordoba, less than an hour´s drive to reach Granada´s world-famous Alhambra Palace or Sierra Nevada mountains, a mere 45 minutes by car to Malaga´s wondrous Costa del Sol, and just a 90 minute journey between you and Seville, capital of Andalucia.

Here you have some options for your free time...


Centro-Museo “La Duquesa de Benamejí”
C/ Aguilar, 37 –
Tlf.: 957 53 11 90

Cuarteando Teatro (Visitas Teatralizadas)
Tlf.: 605 81 00 24

Benamejí Rafting (Turismo Activo)   
Tlf.: 618 05 72 45

Alú (Turismo Activo) –
Tlf.: 955 11 07 76

Karma (Turismo Activo) 
Tlf.: 640 78 16 92

Cerro Gordo (Turismo Activo)
Tlf: 951700231

Campo de Tiro Juan Ruiz Pedrosa
Cortijo Carrero Cerro del viento
Tlf.: 678 652 031

CD Benapaintball –
Tlf.: 653 257 309


Pub Lyo
C/ José Marrón 107
Tlf.: 663 53 64 31

Pub Victoria 12
Martínez Victoria Nº16
Tlf.: 957 53 05 42

Pub K-TA
Iglesia s/n
Tlf.: 607 82 35 74

Pub Singilis
Gracia Nº 93,
Tlf.: 685 82 56 28

Pub Vélez
Camino del Río Nº3
Tlf.: 634 65 92 33

Pub La Taberna
Camino del Río Nº 7,
Tlf.: 625 51 25 20

Pub km. 0
Camino del Río Nº1
Tlf.: 653 32 38 33